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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

River Terrarium from Sacrificial Rabbits

I've attempted to mimic water by using glass marbles and tumbled glass, but clever C.A.S over at Sacrificial Rabbitsdesigned this adorable "water" feature out of glass beads. The scale of the beads is more appropriate-looking than the glass marbles. I love it!

Sacrificial Rabbits

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"The end is nigh" Terrarium from Scientifics Online

Edmund Scientific does not want you to go hungry in case of unforeseen tragedy, nay: "doomsday." The Doomsday Terrarium claims:

Grow Fruits and Veggies in Low Light

Just in case the end of days is near, these plants can help get you through.

These plants were bred and designed to sustain you in the event of the unforeseeable, because they will produce fruits and vegetables early and in low light conditions.

So what are these miracle fruits and veggies to help me stave off starvation? Tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers. I don't know if those will cut it in my time of need.

Doomsday terrarium from scientificsonline.com

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Esque Terrarium at Design Milk

Happy tuesday. Here is something to ponder: does your hanging terrarium need a neat, buttery-soft looking leather noose holder contraption? If so, look no further than Esque Design Nest Terrarium, originally spotted at the lovely Design Milk.

From the designers:

Our goal was to create modern heirlooms, so exotic and unique, that it truly would be an object passed on to generations to come.

Some of the themes that we are exploring in our collaboration:

Juxtapositions of symbolism. What is the most extreme hyper-masculine version of a Ice Bucket, or a Decanter, a hanging terrarium? Our aim was to distort everyday items typically thought as gender specific.

Flirtations with scale and decadent fantasy.

Anachronisms. Out of time, out of place.

Revival of the fittest. Now that survival is out of the way, what’s next? Horticulture?

Esque Design

Design Milk

Friday, June 11, 2010

Black Jungle Terrarium Supply

Have you ever made a purchase from Black Jungle? They are widely considered the primo-supplier for plants for terraria life. I love perusing their online store but admit I have not made a purchase before. Someday...

Anyways- atlasobscura.com had a neat-o description of visiting their brick-and-mortar location--- which basically sounds like heaven and makes me even more interested in giving their products a go.

Behind a chain link fence on an industrial road in Turners Falls, the sounds and smells of a jungle greet me as I open the door and step inside. Upon entering the unassuming building, I am face to face with dozens of vivariums - glass tanks teeming with plant and animal life. Some tanks are covered in algae, some present charming landscapes of moss and tiny flowering ferns. All of the tanks boast unusual inhabitants, and upon closer inspection, they become visible amongst the greenery: poison dart frogs.

Black Jungle owners Richard and Michael claim to be the biggest terrarium and vivarium supply store of their kind in the country. Most of their business is done online, but that doesn't stop them from keeping their storefront open occasionally for local customers and curious passersby. Their original passion is poison dart frogs, who (as they'll be quick to point out) are only poisonous when they eat poisonous insects in the wild. These frogs, bred in captivity (in the "tadpole room" in the back of the building) are as harmless as a common toad. They come in every color of the rainbow, and crouch awkwardly in the nooks and crannies of the tanks. Richard or Mike will be more than happy to guide you around the store, rustle up frogs from their hiding spots, and show off their latest additions to their menagerie. Tropical birds flap around in cages eight feet tall, flat translucent glass frogs hide secretly on the undersides of leaves, and fountains or terrariums are tucked into all corners of the store.

As if this discovery weren't enough, the main treat is to be found in the giant greenhouse next door. Hundreds - if not thousands - of tiny pots house tropical plants of every color, texture, and size imaginable. Wild weeds reach up to the ceiling and wrap themselves around their neighbors. Established palms and vines drip moisture onto the insects and flowering plants below. Two chameleons and a handful of other amphibians hide in cages half covered with vegetation. The air is thick and fragrant, and it’s easy to lose yourself for the better part of an afternoon marveling at the diversity of plant life for sale – and on display- in this small town in Western Massachusetts.

If you see Richard or Mike, they may have time to teach you about the species they breed, requirements for building a vivarium, and tips for keeping your pet amphibians moist and warm. By the end of your visit, you probably won't be able to resist buying some sort of life form, be it plant or animal. It's probably a good idea, too - consider it the admission price for a visit to a one-of-a-kind zoo and greenhouse rolled in one.

Check before going to make sure they're open - they're often at shows or expositions. Their website has their show schedule as well: www.blackjungle.com, 413-863-2770

Black Jungle Online

Thursday, June 10, 2010

TERRARIUM CUBICLE from Anchor Aquarium Service

All I can say is "YES YES YES"- I love this design for a workspace by the Anchor Aquarium Service, Inc ar partnered with Andrea Blum. Maybe I also want to live in the place this lovely was designed for:

The Centre Des Livres d’Artistes is located in a small town which houses a specialized collection of published works on the subject of nature and childhood. The Centre also has a contemporary video and experimental music collection which is exhibited both at the Centre and at other locations.

The project 'Greenhouse' has several parts: the entrance desk, the mobile library units and the video room, all designed for the display of a diverse collection of books, manuscripts and videos, etc. Terrariums were incorporated into the design to be a metaphoric reference to the thematic of the Center, and be a logo for the project.

Anchor Aquarium Service, Inc

Andrea Blum

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wardian Case to end all... from Newel

Thank you to the beautiful blog blog.lovedaniella.com for posting this beautiful victorian-style Wardian case by Newel. Those spider web details add just a touch of goth to tough it up. I am not, however, going to dignify the seller by listing the exorbitant price.



Monday, June 7, 2010

Hip Hip Hippo Terrarium at IndieBliss

I once learned from a nature show that hippos are responsible for more animal-caused deaths on the continent of Africa than any other animal. I didn't believe it but my mom said she knew a girl who's grandfather was mauled by one. Now you, like I, will never look at the game "hungry hippos" the same way again.

Here's a tiny terror in a terrarium, as created by Nina Bliss at indiebliss.com.

Nina Bliss at indiebliss.com

Friday, June 4, 2010

Small Worlds in the Winston-Salem Journal

I found this adorable article about the state of terraria today, as well as a brief how-to-make guide, in the Winston Salem Journal "Small Worlds" by Laura Giavonelli I like that darker-foliaged plant in the top right of the above dish garden. Anyone recognize it?

From the article....

When I was a kid, my grandmother had a terrarium in her office. The room doubled as a guest room, and I spent many summer nights in there listening to books-on-tape and watching my latest batch of doomed fire flies flicker in Mason jars.

I tried not to look at the terrarium, a mysterious, algae-covered globe squatting in the shadows. I was convinced that something lived in there. Not necessarily something cuddly, either. You could accuse me of an overactive imagination, and you would probably be right.

Winston Salem Journal "Small Worlds."

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Terraria under Magnification at the NY Times

"The Art and Craft of Terrariums" in the New York Times

Thanks to all the tips to this lovely large article in the NY Times today.

“They fit with the current infatuation with all things old and scientific,” she said, “and this Victorian idea of science as beauty and something you want to display in your home.”

Martha's crafts for kids: terrariums

Martha knows what kids like- dirt. Here is a brief how-to guide for making jam jar terraria with your rugrats.

Martha Stewart Kids Crafts

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Moss Terrariums by Pete

Thanks to Pete for providing me some info on his adorable and affordable moss terraria, available on Etsy. He creates terrariums in every style you can imagine. Keep up the good work Pete!

Moss Terrariums on Etsy