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Monday, October 26, 2015

Live in a Luxe Terrarium in London

Wardian London, photo from wallpaper.com

Wardian London is a hot new property going up a luxurious residential building modeled after the Wardian case we all know and love. Developers EcoWorld Ballymore, Glenn Howells Architects, and Camlins landscaping collaborate to develop a living space full of exotic greenery, including a lush pool area and pocket gardens on balconies.
'We have identified that people are placing more importance on green space to provide an escape from city life,' says Camlins landscape specialist Huw Morgan. 'With Wardian London, we have woven in elements of greenery into the entire development from the sky gardens to the outdoor swimming pool, and the landscaped spaces within the public areas. Based on the expert knowledge  of our rare plant hunters, we have been able to source more than a hundred different exotic species of plants and flowers from across the world which we will use throughout the development, creating a tranquil oasis that brings the outside in.'

Read more at wallpaper.com.

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