Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Pro Terrarium Designer Shares Tips

Photo by Lori Adams,
San Diego Union Tribune
 New York Botanical Garden terrarium expert Maria Colletti shares tips from her book "Terrariums: Gardens Under Glass" with San Diego Union Tribune readers. I paraphrase a few tips here, but be sure to read the whole article at the San Diego Union Tribune.

Free Plants: Collecting jade plant pups, succulent pups, or bits of moss from your yard or a park is a great way to obtain small plants to fuel your terrarium fever.  Just be sure to examine for bugs.

Best Face Forward: When placing your plants in your terrarium vessel, turn the plant in place so that its best side faces out.  Angle leaves or branches away from adjacent plants.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Live in a Luxe Terrarium in London

Wardian London, photo from

Wardian London is a hot new property going up a luxurious residential building modeled after the Wardian case we all know and love. Developers EcoWorld Ballymore, Glenn Howells Architects, and Camlins landscaping collaborate to develop a living space full of exotic greenery, including a lush pool area and pocket gardens on balconies.
'We have identified that people are placing more importance on green space to provide an escape from city life,' says Camlins landscape specialist Huw Morgan. 'With Wardian London, we have woven in elements of greenery into the entire development from the sky gardens to the outdoor swimming pool, and the landscaped spaces within the public areas. Based on the expert knowledge  of our rare plant hunters, we have been able to source more than a hundred different exotic species of plants and flowers from across the world which we will use throughout the development, creating a tranquil oasis that brings the outside in.'


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Exclusive Offer on Terrarium Figurines fairy figurines for fairy garden, photo by Janet Linn

Thank you all for your interest in The Fern and Mossery Terrarium Mini Ceramic Figurine Set Give Away, as provided by  The figurine sets have been mailed off to the lucky winners of the contest but you can still get your hands on your favorite ceramic figurines set. has offered a special discount for readers of The Fern and Mossery, 20% off with promo code "SSFM20". Thanks again to for this give away!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Q and A: Twigs in Moss

Fall is a great time to build a terrarium, to capture a bit of greenery in a bottle before things turn cold outside. My question for today comes from reader Kate:

Question: I bought some moss online. It's very healthy - I've just got it in a cookie sheet with some soil and pebbles, the whole affair sitting in a Ziploc bag that I can keep closed for humidity and then open it for awhile every day to get air. Now that I'm about to use it for a terrarium though, I see it has loads of (what look like) small brown decayed needles, and some tiny twigs. If I try to clean all that stuff out, I'm afraid that the entire sheet of moss will come apart (which I don't want to happen.) I'm thinking that all this detritus is decayed matter that's feeding the moss and keeping it healthy. Besides which, I'd never be able to pick it all out. So what do you think? Ok to just leave everything as is?

Answer: Your moss sounds healthy and well cared for! Storing it under plastic is a great method for quarantining your moss, to observe for insects or signs of mold. If the twigs and needles are in the dirt under the moss, wrapped up in the roots etc, it is probably fine to leave it there. It does sound like it is just part of the soil for your moss, and minimizing disruption of the moss while planting it in your terrarium will help it establish. Perhaps remove the larger pieces of twigs or pine needles if you do tear your moss into smaller pieces to place it in your terrarium.

Do you have a suggestion for dealing with twigs or pine needles in moss? Let's hear it in the comments?

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Miniature Frog Figurines for Terrariums

Check out these adorable ceramic frog figurines from, perfect for a terrarium or a fairy garden.  The frogs sport a variety of poses and designs, including bright tropical tree frogs and natural looking garden frogs. ceramic figurines range from one to two and a half inches and have a gloss finish that resists water and sun damage. Check out for the entire range of ceramic animal figurines and other lovely miniatures, and enter the Fern and Mossery Give Away!

I'll be giving away three figurine sets pictured on an earlier post. Enter to win on the entry form located here. Winners will be contacted via email in early October!  Thank you to Janet Linn for posing and photographing these frog miniatures among her own terrariums and fairy gardens.