Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Exclusive Offer on Terrarium Figurines fairy figurines for fairy garden, photo by Janet Linn

Thank you all for your interest in The Fern and Mossery Terrarium Mini Ceramic Figurine Set Give Away, as provided by  The figurine sets have been mailed off to the lucky winners of the contest but you can still get your hands on your favorite ceramic figurines set. has offered a special discount for readers of The Fern and Mossery, 20% off with promo code "SSFM20". Thanks again to for this give away!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Q and A: Twigs in Moss

Fall is a great time to build a terrarium, to capture a bit of greenery in a bottle before things turn cold outside. My question for today comes from reader Kate:

Question: I bought some moss online. It's very healthy - I've just got it in a cookie sheet with some soil and pebbles, the whole affair sitting in a Ziploc bag that I can keep closed for humidity and then open it for awhile every day to get air. Now that I'm about to use it for a terrarium though, I see it has loads of (what look like) small brown decayed needles, and some tiny twigs. If I try to clean all that stuff out, I'm afraid that the entire sheet of moss will come apart (which I don't want to happen.) I'm thinking that all this detritus is decayed matter that's feeding the moss and keeping it healthy. Besides which, I'd never be able to pick it all out. So what do you think? Ok to just leave everything as is?

Answer: Your moss sounds healthy and well cared for! Storing it under plastic is a great method for quarantining your moss, to observe for insects or signs of mold. If the twigs and needles are in the dirt under the moss, wrapped up in the roots etc, it is probably fine to leave it there. It does sound like it is just part of the soil for your moss, and minimizing disruption of the moss while planting it in your terrarium will help it establish. Perhaps remove the larger pieces of twigs or pine needles if you do tear your moss into smaller pieces to place it in your terrarium.

Do you have a suggestion for dealing with twigs or pine needles in moss? Let's hear it in the comments?

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Miniature Frog Figurines for Terrariums

Check out these adorable ceramic frog figurines from, perfect for a terrarium or a fairy garden.  The frogs sport a variety of poses and designs, including bright tropical tree frogs and natural looking garden frogs. ceramic figurines range from one to two and a half inches and have a gloss finish that resists water and sun damage. Check out for the entire range of ceramic animal figurines and other lovely miniatures, and enter the Fern and Mossery Give Away!

I'll be giving away three figurine sets pictured on an earlier post. Enter to win on the entry form located here. Winners will be contacted via email in early October!  Thank you to Janet Linn for posing and photographing these frog miniatures among her own terrariums and fairy gardens.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Terrarium Mini Ceramic Figurine Set Give Away

Finding the right miniature figurines for a terrarium can make all the difference! offers ceramic figurines that will resist water and fading, perfect for a high humidity terrarium or an outdoor fairy garden.  These small painted ceramic figurines range from 1 to 2 inches tall and have flat bases, perfect for nestling among the moss or ferns in your terrarium or dish garden.  Check out for the entire range of ceramic miniature animal figurines and other lovely miniatures, and enter the Fern and Mossery Give Away!

I'll be giving away three figurine sets pictured below. Enter the give away using the form at the end of this post or the entry form located here.

Elephants and Panda Bear Figurine Set
The Elephants and Panda Bear set includes three matte finish elephants, one gloss finish elephant, one extra mini gloss elephant, and a gloss panda bear.*

Farm Animal Figurine Set
The Farm Animal set includes all gloss finish figurines including a cat, raccoon, rooster, rabbit, frog, dog, and a extra mini snake.*
Hippos and Water Animal Figurine Set
The Hippos and Water Animal set includes a blown glass sea turtle,  four hippos and one sea otter.*

*Figurine set giveaways do not include decorative mosses, marbles, or glass vessels.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Growing Container Veggies in Outer Space

What if you had to thrive in the same container as your container garden? Astronauts aboard the International Space Station dined on romaine lettuce grown on board in a specially designed planting "pillow" of substrate and nutrients, along with grow lights and sensors. This marks an important step toward subsistence gardening aboard longer space missions or even at a mars colony.
"Each of the six planting “pillows” had a growth medium that includes a type of clay used on baseball fields and controlled-release fertilizer. Red, blue and green LED lights and water injections activated the seeds and allowed them to flourish after 33 days of growth."
The next challenge? Growing plants that use more water and require pollination in space. Read more at