Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Update: Marimo Moss Balls Make a Great Office Terrarium

My marino terrarium on my desk at work.
Several months ago I had the opportunity to do an unboxing of a marimo moss ball terrarium from EclecticZenMarimo.  Thanks to the excellent instructions that accompanied the marimo terrarium kit from EclecticZenMarimo, I knew just how to care for the terrarium from the start.

I am happy to say my marimo terrarium has happily thrived on my desk at work for these past few months.  The marimo terrarium is easy to care for - I just switch out the water with filtered tap water every week or so.  After a few months, one of the marimo moss balls got a little scuzzy - but I just followed the care instructions and and gently rinsed it off in running water.

The inside of the glass container has accumulated some calcium deposits on the glass, giving it a frosted appearance.  I have not tried scrubbing it out but I am sure it would clean up alright.

My coworkers love my marimo moss ball terrarium - it is a constant conversation piece.  I recommend considering a marimo moss ball terrarium if you are looking for an easy terrarium for your office or home.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Kickstart a Human-Sized Kokedama Forest

My fascination with kokedama has not extended into craft execution (yet) but my interest is renewed but this amazing kickstarter fund for a large scale kokedama installation. Kokedama master Coraleigh Parker for Pickled Whimsy aims to install this hanging bonsai forest at the Tauranga Garden and Art Festival 2014 in New Zealand. Judging by the photos of Pickled Whimsy's citrus tree and orchid kokedama, this project has a fighting chance!

Orchid Kokedama by Pickled Whimsy

Monday, April 7, 2014

Terrariums by Vernon Caldera

"Oz" terrarium by Vernon Caldera

Nothing says spring like a lush succulent terrarium.  Looking for succulent terrarium inspiration or perhaps looking to purchase?  The Houston Chronicle recently had a small write up on Vernon Caldera's terrariums.

While I tend to build sparse terrariums to allow for plant growth, a densely packed terrarium like "Oz" (pictured above) is ready for the immediate spotlight on a dining table or entryway.  If you are looking for a quick display craft rather than a long-term terrarium planting - select small cacti and succulents with blooms ready to open.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Moss-Powered Future? Scientists Create Moss-powered Fuel Cells

Moss-lovers rejoice!  Someday you might be able to power some of your electronics through your favorite fuzzy green bryophyte.  That is designer Fabienne Felder's dream, and several scientists at the University of Cambridge agreed it is worth investigating.

Dr. Paolo Bombelli and plant scientist Ross Dennis have a previous project, using moss as photo microbial fuel cells to power a small lamp.
“On a small scale I think we could soon-ish convert people’s normal houseplants into little power-generators for charging phones,” says Felder. “On a large scale, especially outdoors, the right mix of plants will be crucial and that will need more research, both in terms of plants and irrigation systems, maintenance, etc.”
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Monday, February 17, 2014

Moss-Filled Landscapes Worthy of a Terrarium

Waterfall in "Little Switzerland", Luxembourg. Photo by Kilian Schönberger
The aspect of terrarium crafting I find most appealing is the creation of a miniature dramatic landscape all by my own design.  I hear similar sentiments from other terrarium enthusiasts, who often enjoy including elements of the fantastic or macabre in their designs.

With that said, I imagine many terrarium enthusiasts would appreciate Kilian Schönberger's photography as much as I did.  Schönberger traveled to the further corners of Europe to document the landscapes that may have inspired the darker fairytales from the brothers Grimm.  His photos exude mood, despair, and moss; all key ingredients for a fantastic terrarium.  See more of Kilian Schönberger's photography from his series "Grimm Homeland" at