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Monday, September 14, 2015

Terrarium Mini Ceramic Figurine Set Give Away

Finding the right miniature figurines for a terrarium can make all the difference! Siamsmalls.com offers ceramic figurines that will resist water and fading, perfect for a high humidity terrarium or an outdoor fairy garden.  These small painted ceramic figurines range from 1 to 2 inches tall and have flat bases, perfect for nestling among the moss or ferns in your terrarium or dish garden.  Check out Siamsmalls.com for the entire range of ceramic miniature animal figurines and other lovely miniatures, and enter the Fern and Mossery Give Away!

I'll be giving away three figurine sets pictured below. Enter the give away using the form at the end of this post or the entry form located here.

Elephants and Panda Bear Figurine Set
The Elephants and Panda Bear set includes three matte finish elephants, one gloss finish elephant, one extra mini gloss elephant, and a gloss panda bear.*

Farm Animal Figurine Set
The Farm Animal set includes all gloss finish figurines including a cat, raccoon, rooster, rabbit, frog, dog, and a extra mini snake.*
Hippos and Water Animal Figurine Set
The Hippos and Water Animal set includes a blown glass sea turtle,  four hippos and one sea otter.*

*Figurine set giveaways do not include decorative mosses, marbles, or glass vessels.

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