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Friday, June 4, 2010

Small Worlds in the Winston-Salem Journal

I found this adorable article about the state of terraria today, as well as a brief how-to-make guide, in the Winston Salem Journal "Small Worlds" by Laura Giavonelli I like that darker-foliaged plant in the top right of the above dish garden. Anyone recognize it?

From the article....

When I was a kid, my grandmother had a terrarium in her office. The room doubled as a guest room, and I spent many summer nights in there listening to books-on-tape and watching my latest batch of doomed fire flies flicker in Mason jars.

I tried not to look at the terrarium, a mysterious, algae-covered globe squatting in the shadows. I was convinced that something lived in there. Not necessarily something cuddly, either. You could accuse me of an overactive imagination, and you would probably be right.

Winston Salem Journal "Small Worlds."


  1. The photo is from Tovah Martin's The New Terrarium, and the plants are listed as (clockwise from top left): Pilea 'Aquamarine,' Ficus pumila cultivar, Sleirolia soleirolii, and Sagina subulata. I have her book out from the local library, and it is well worth waiting for!


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