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Thursday, June 10, 2010

TERRARIUM CUBICLE from Anchor Aquarium Service

All I can say is "YES YES YES"- I love this design for a workspace by the Anchor Aquarium Service, Inc ar partnered with Andrea Blum. Maybe I also want to live in the place this lovely was designed for:

The Centre Des Livres d’Artistes is located in a small town which houses a specialized collection of published works on the subject of nature and childhood. The Centre also has a contemporary video and experimental music collection which is exhibited both at the Centre and at other locations.

The project 'Greenhouse' has several parts: the entrance desk, the mobile library units and the video room, all designed for the display of a diverse collection of books, manuscripts and videos, etc. Terrariums were incorporated into the design to be a metaphoric reference to the thematic of the Center, and be a logo for the project.

Anchor Aquarium Service, Inc

Andrea Blum


  1. If i could have that in my office, I would not mind coming in so much!! that is great. your blog is such a perfect terrarium resource, i am slowing gathering my ideas here for the one(s) i will make this winter. thanks!

  2. Thats looks amazing would love to have my desk made of aquarium.Thanks for sharing.

  3. Awesome creativity, I really love this idea to have a desk like this.It will refresh mood to have such aquarium around you.

    1. I agree - what a great way to zone out for a minute and enjoy your surroundings.


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