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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Chutney the Beta Fish

Chutney is my fancy beta fish.  He lives in a pretty nice little vase and he has his own pagoda and aquarium plant.  

I have had many beta fishes over the years and Chutney has been one of the best.  He is very responsive to my movements around the room.

I don't know what the plant is - I bought it in a set of dried rhizomes from the pet store and this is the only one that sprouted.  Since then I have purchased two other sets of the same dried bulbs and no other plants have grown.  


  1. That is creative, I have 3 male betas in separate
    vases only with green glass marbles at the bottom
    not very creative, but easier to clean, ;)

  2. Yes Chutney is very spoilt. However he may need to face the fact that his beloved plant appears to be on it's way out.

  3. Chutney!!!!

    He lives on!!!!! Hooray!

    Four Friends Forever

  4. Very cool setup. I'm really enjoying your blog. Have you seen those terrariums with some above ground plants, with a section set aside for aquatic plants and a little fish?

    It looks like Chutney might be feeling a bit under the weather. His fins seem to have receded a bit. He might have a fungal infection, or need filtered water put into his environment.

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  6. http://www.flowersweb.info/images/interior/paludarium2.jpg

  7. C.J.- thanks for the tip! Maybe I should look into some of those fungal drops.

  8. C.J. - it took me a while but I finally did get some fungal drops for the fish. He looks much more alert and active already- he actually looks like he "feels" better. Thanks so much for the advice.

  9. The plant is Aponogeton.


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