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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Moss Acres

I love the website Moss Acres as they sell a variety of mosses instead of just lumping them all together.  Unfortunately the order sizes are much too large for my usage- I wish they sold mini sampler sets or something.  Like a paint chip strip but of mosses!

Something new they have been discussing on their site is the concept of vertical moss "walls" as well as moss roofs.  I wish I lived in a climate that could handle this!  How amazing.  How wonderful would it be if cold corporate interiors and roofs all looked like this.


  1. That wall is really something, but I think vertical gardening will be a big thing in years to come as space becomes ever more scarce.

  2. That is such a nice scene with the moss, looks so natural!

  3. Amazing! Thank you very much for sharing that website!


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