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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wine Bottle Terrarium

This is one of my older terrariums in a wine bottle. It's lasted for about a year and has really filled in. In this photo you can really see the layers of gravel, charcoal, dried moss and soil in the bottle.

My sister has been asking for a terrarium for ever now. I was hesitant to give her a terrarium that hadn't properly settled for fear it would dry out or die or get diseased. However as this one has lasted so long I am proud to give it to her.

The sword fern [nephrolepis cordifolia] is doing so well that runner plants are growing off the parent plant and on the side of the bottle. Some of the older fronds are turning brown and dying but I think the decomposition will not harm the eco balance in the bottle.


  1. Very beautiful! The N. cordifolia suits perfectly the wine bottle. You must be skilled to have planted it in there, the opening is so small!

  2. The trick is that I just plant the fern rhizomes in the bottles and wait to see which ones grow fronds. About 1 in 6 really takes hold.

    I tried to comment on your post about Thuidium delicatulum but the encryption protection wasn't working. I've never seen that plant before!

  3. Your sister will love it. If I remember right Nathanial Ward's exhibit at The Great Exhibition had been growing for 18 years in a glass terrarium.

  4. Okay, that's it! I'm inspired. I'm gonna make a terrarium. Thanks!

  5. Petal I am glad to hear it! I am planning on posting a how to this weekend if you can wait that long! I have some tips on the standard "how to" that I haven't really seen anywhere else.


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