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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nesting Terraria in a Cave á Liqueur

Josh Leo at Eight Oaks Terrariums shared a link to his truly one-of-a-kind cave á liqueur terrarium.  We've seen terrariums in wine bottles, vodka bottles, tequila bottles - but a cave á liqueur?  What is a cave á liqueur?

From buzzonantiques.blogspot.com:
"A cave à liqueur is a liqueur caddy that has diminutive crystal liqueur decanters (typically 4) along with a set of small glasses (typically 8)."
Aha!  A tempting transparent liquor locker - which has been repurposed into a fantastic terrarium and a convenient obscure history lesson in one!  Kudos to Josh for continuing to push the boundaries of the terrarium art form.

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