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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Terrariums in Tequila bottles: a match made in heaven at fernssed.com

Thanks to Kristine for this calliente tip about repurposed tequila bottles housing tillandsia terrariums at fernseed.com! While my history with vodka is tentative at best I live for good tequila... and I can't imagine a better use for an empty bottle than these great terrariums by the imitable Kate Bailey! I love the thick glass and the tillandsia is a perfect shape for the bottle. Ole!



  1. Too cool!! you sure can find them!


  2. What a great idea. I love the shape of the bottles.

  3. Looks great, but I'm not sure if it's ok for the plant.

    I put my tillandsia in a glass container too, but now I'm worried since I read that they need good airflow. I wonder if it really is a big deal, or if they'll be just fine in glass..

  4. How do you give its water requirements when I read that spraying may not be enough at times? I wonder how long it can survive in a bottle with restricted air flow?

  5. Tillandsia do enjoy a nice dip in water once in a while. I am not sure if that would be possible while keeping them in bottles.


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