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Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Xeriscape-Friendly Green Roof

I see lovely photos of green roofs with moss, ferns etc. all over the web. As much as I love the idea I know that the dry climate in southern California would most likely not support such a garden - and if it did grow it would surely be a water-hog.

Lo and behold: Quail Botanical Gardens had a lovely demo of rooftop gardens created with succulents! Green and drought- friendly! I am truly inspired but I think this is one project my landlord might not trust me with- he is pretty protective of his roofs.


  1. I am so totally into that roof. What a great idea, the only problem is we get a bit too much rain in the winter for succulents.


  2. That is a neat looking display of Succulents,
    love it!

  3. Cool, makes an ordinary shed - extroadinary.

  4. It's lovely to have a lush garden on the roof, in-fact it makes the shed more elegant. In order to make your plants look healthier and beautiful, you need to ensure they get enough nutrients and water in the right quantity. Places like SoCal are facing a serious water shortage and so the need to use water wisely. For some tips on how to be water wise in your garden, visit http://bit.ly/13t5mx

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