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Saturday, April 11, 2009

How to Grow a Terrarium at HowStuffWorks.com

HowStuffWorks.com has a great article on how to make a terrarium. The image in the article is more of a Wardian case but there is some helpful information in the article.

There is a good reference to some tools you can make to create and maintain your terrarium.

* Use a fork taped to a chopstick or an artist’s paintbrush to make planting holes for terrarium plants.

* Set plants in place with another chopstick fitted with a small wire hook or loop. In containers with wide openings, you can use tweezers or tongs.

* Tap down the soil around plant roots with a cork or spool attached to a stick. When you’re done, lightly spray the plants and soil surface with water.

HowStuffWorks.com "How to Grow a Terrarium"


  1. I like that terrarium it's nice.

  2. I featured that article too and agree it is very good though you are adding to our knowledge as well.


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