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Monday, April 13, 2009

Aquarium for Betta Fish

Thanks to a tip from Calamity J. on my post about - I think I have revived his aquarium set up a bit! The use of the term "terrarium" is a little loose- its just some marbles, charcoal and a plant in a bowl. At C.J.'s suggestion I added some fungal drops after scrubbing down his bowl and marbles. He looks happy and alert already and seems to be using his fins more.

Chutney the Betta Fish


  1. I like that beta tank looks great

  2. Awww, that little aquarium isn't big enough for a big beautiful beta. If you can manage a 1 gallon container with a small filter, your beta will be big and beautiful and will be less prone to disease. Betas CAN live in an aquarium that size, but they'll look GORGEOUS in a larger one.

    I had an aquarium when I was younger and was crap at raising fish. It wasn't until recently that I learned how much I was doing wrong. I stumbled across beta fish care and had no idea betas could look so pretty until I looked through some pics on a beta fish forum. I feel so bad for all those fish I killed. Ugh. Reading those forums, I am now fully convinced I shouldn't have fish with everything else I have going on. I am in awe of people who can maintain a gorgeous aquarium.