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Monday, February 17, 2014

Moss-Filled Landscapes Worthy of a Terrarium

Waterfall in "Little Switzerland", Luxembourg. Photo by Kilian Schönberger
The aspect of terrarium crafting I find most appealing is the creation of a miniature dramatic landscape all by my own design.  I hear similar sentiments from other terrarium enthusiasts, who often enjoy including elements of the fantastic or macabre in their designs.

With that said, I imagine many terrarium enthusiasts would appreciate Kilian Schönberger's photography as much as I did.  Schönberger traveled to the further corners of Europe to document the landscapes that may have inspired the darker fairytales from the brothers Grimm.  His photos exude mood, despair, and moss; all key ingredients for a fantastic terrarium.  See more of Kilian Schönberger's photography from his series "Grimm Homeland" at wired.com.

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