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Monday, April 9, 2012

Moss Monday: Beetlejuice Terrarium

Beetlejuice Terrarium by Etsy vendor Rachelthebish

Peep this Beetlejuice terrarium replete with a  a wax-sculpted, hand-painted house, plus moss harvested from Etsy vendor Rachelthebish's hometown forests.  I like the topography.  Originally spotted at Dude I Want That!.


  1. Lauren, I found a GREAT resource for miniature ferns and mosses (right up your alley, huh?) plus cloches, Wardian cases and terraria. I think you'd approve and maybe you'd like to spread the word?!?! Check it out: http://www.heavenonearth-home.com/2012/04/pit-stop-at-barn-nursery-in-chattanooga.html

    LOVE my virtual pit stops at The Fern and Mossery!

    1. Thanks for the tip Margaux! I will definitely share your post.


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