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Friday, November 13, 2009

Haute Terrariums at Apartmenttherapy.com

Paula Hayes has teamed up with floral stylist Lindsey Taylor to put together some new stunners as spotted at www.apartmenttherapy.com. My favorite is the orchid cubed, as pictured above. I wish they had a close up photo of the arrangement - it looks like a well done little topographical wonder. Every time I try to design rolling hills they just look like lumpy moss. I'm also very intrigued by the apparently slim charcoal/soil/gravel layer. It looks like a scanty amount of soil for such a thriving plant layout. But it certainly adds to the minimal design. Very haute.



  1. I SWEAR that, included in my next 4 terrarium designs, I have been working on a cube terrarium with an orchid (I won't have the layers exposed).

  2. Gorgeous. That would look so good in my flat (if I had the room!).

  3. Not sure but I don't see the plants in the photo needing that much soil...certainly not the orchid. Due to the angle it's hard to get a sense of dimension for that terrarium. Is it a cube?

  4. Caynazzo- do you have a flicker set of your terrariums? I feel like maybe you sent me an email with the link one time and I completely accidentally deleted it.

    If it wasn't you- I apologize for the error.... they were just so damn cool.


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