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Thursday, November 12, 2009

CARNIVOROUS HERBIVOROUS Terrarium at Jeffery James Modern

Jeff has done it again at his Etsy shop Jeffery James Modern. My favorite is the CARNIVOROUS HERBIVOROUS terrarium featuring a Pitcher Plant and a gorgeous little purple Butterwort. It's a great, balanced terrarium with the bonus interaction of feeding (if you so choose)!

The pitchers’ of the Pitcher Plant contains a digestive liquid that will trap unsuspecting insects....Squeamish about feeding… Leave the lid ajar to provide the plants with food. If you’re a carnivore, give them a monthly treat of an insect found outside or around the house.

Jeffery James Modern


  1. Thanks for the terrific post Lauren!!!


  2. WOW!!!! This would give me a way to clean up the window sill from those pesky flys. The terrarium look beautiful. I love the color contrasts.

  3. This is really inspiring and also useful information. I've grown a Pinguicula very successfully all summer. It's been a flowering machine. However now that it has been brought indoors and under lights, it's very unhappy, not liking the dry air. So, a terrarium is the obvious answer. Thanks.


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