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Monday, July 27, 2009

Kate Bailey Beaker Terrariums at fernseed.com

I love these beaker terrariums by Kate Bailey and featured at fernseed.com. I, personally, am always very hesitant to use containers with writing or logos to build a terrarium. For some reason I always think I will regret it. But I really love the beaker with the measurements on it- I am truly inspired by this one. Perhaps I should start raiding the labs at work for my next round of terrariums.... haha- I'm sure the researchers will love that. I can see it now:

confused researcher: "Why do you want these old, dirty beakers?"

me: "To grow plants in-"

confused researcher: (Confused face and shaking of head, followed by warning re. the chemicals that have been housed in said container.)

me: "Oh." (Reduced to living in terror that supposed chemical residue in said container(s) will make me sick if I take home.)

Kate Bailey Terrariums at http://www.fernseed.com/


  1. They seem rather small for the sort of plants I grow, but they would be terrific for germinating. You'll have to take up glass-blowing next!

  2. I love the beakers! Coffee pots work well for me too....

  3. I just got a bunch of pyrex beakers of different sizes that my dad has had since the 60's. Gonna use them all for terrariums. Sizes range from 5000ml down to 20ml. Nice job!!!

  4. That sounds awesome - how did those come out?

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