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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Interview with Terrarium Artist Kat Geiger at SFGate

I was excited to see this interview with Kat Geiger at the SFGate. I have been following Kat's terrarium happenings via the WWW for a while. I like her aesthetic and all her terrariums look very healthy. I particularly liked the statmement below- as I have lately realized that my closed terrariums never seem to live past 8 mos. or so. I think it could be the heat...

*I noticed most of your terrariums have open tops. Why?

I find that open terrariums are easier to maintain, especially here in the bay area where our homes are not necessarily climate controlled in the summer. Closed terrariums tend to bake when your house gets warm. In an open terrarium, the heat is able to escape the terrarium through the open top. In a closed terrarium the heat would simply build up (think of it like a car with all the windows shut).

Kat Geiger's terrariums range in price from $26-$140 and are sold at Urban Indigo, Oakland; The Gardener, Berkeley; and Fluerty Studios, Mountain View. You can see more images on her Flickr page where so also sells mixed media artwork http://www.flickr.com/photos/kokostudios>

Kat Geiger interview at http://www.sfgate.com


  1. oooh, those are my houses (shelf cities)...
    its nice to see them pop up here and there

  2. Oak Leaves that is great! I think those little houses might be my favorite part of her terrariums! :)

  3. Thanks for the props Lauren!


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