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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Update: Marimo Moss Balls Make a Great Office Terrarium

My marino terrarium on my desk at work.
Several months ago I had the opportunity to do an unboxing of a marimo moss ball terrarium from EclecticZenMarimo.  Thanks to the excellent instructions that accompanied the marimo terrarium kit from EclecticZenMarimo, I knew just how to care for the terrarium from the start.

I am happy to say my marimo terrarium has happily thrived on my desk at work for these past few months.  The marimo terrarium is easy to care for - I just switch out the water with filtered tap water every week or so.  After a few months, one of the marimo moss balls got a little scuzzy - but I just followed the care instructions and and gently rinsed it off in running water.

The inside of the glass container has accumulated some calcium deposits on the glass, giving it a frosted appearance.  I have not tried scrubbing it out but I am sure it would clean up alright.

My coworkers love my marimo moss ball terrarium - it is a constant conversation piece.  I recommend considering a marimo moss ball terrarium if you are looking for an easy terrarium for your office or home.

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