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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Q&A: How to Cool a Terrarium?

A droite bouteille d'eau liquide et à gauche complètement congelé

Moss and terrarium plants in general can benefit from humid, temperate conditions.  If you fear your terrarium is getting too hot, you have a couple of options for cooling it down.

My first recommendation is to attempt to cool your terrarium by keeping it in a cooler spot (away from direct sunlight or sunbeams).  Perhaps near a curtained window?  I searched on the web for some low tech tips that also might help you and found some good ones at josh frogs.com.  The suggestion about placing an icepack or a frozen water bottle on top of or inside the terrarium sounds like something that could be easily attempted with minimal investment or risk of over-cooling!  

Have you tried another method for cooling a terrarium?

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