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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Top Terrarium Plants: Begonias

Begonia veitchii
Begonias make wonderful terrarium plants, as long as you can find a variety that will remain compact enough to fit your terrarium.  If you are unsure of how large your begonia will become - just plan on maintaining a pruning strategy.  And of course - have a game plan for removing dead flowers or foliage.  Are your terrarium tools in order?

Advancegreenhouses.com suggests begonias as one of their top five terrarium plants.  The author points out:

"Begonias are a diverse group of tropical flowers that love humid and moist conditions, and some of them prefer low light as well. They’ll even flower many months out of the year, making them valuable additions to terrarium gardeners. Choose types like Rhizomatous begonias or dwarf Rex begonias. Rex begonias can be a bit finicky about their air circulation, so experiment with propping the lid open to adjust to satisfactory levels. Strawberry begonias absolutely thrive in terrariums–you can’t go wrong with these!"

Be sure to visit their site for the other four top terrarium plants.  Have you grown a begonia in a terrarium?  Tell us about it!


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