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Friday, July 12, 2013

Lace Wardian Case from H Potter

I love the delicate lace-like metal detail in the "barrel" top of this desktop wardian case from H Potter, available on Amazon.   Wardian cases with doors for access make a great container for a potted orchid, or for quarantining new plants before you plant them in a terrarium!

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  1. The Puffin! This bird is super cute, cute and looks a bit funny too. It is an impressive bird that loves seafood the most. Think fish or even squid. The nicest part about the bird is the colors. It all looks very nice. He has a pretty crazy appearance, but also looks cute. He is sometimes called the clown of the ocean. All birds are chosen based on our favorites.

    The Atlantic Puffin is somewhat reminiscent of an animated bird, also known as the “Common Puffin”. Hailing from the Atlantic Ocean, the bird fed squid, and other marine animals. While the bird looks fun, many love Atlantic puffins around the world. In addition, the beak is very unique, comprising orange and white tones. The total length of the bird is about 30 cm and the head appears to be crowned with shiny glossy black. It is an endangered species, although they are never found in countries. He spends most of his life in the ocean, and it can only be seen near coastal areas during the breeding seasons.
    The Atlantic Puffin


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