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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Terrarium-worthy Tools at Adana-USA

Thanks to reader Robotguy for sharing a link to adana-USA.com aquascaping tools.  We've discussed the crossover between aquascaping and terrariums before and as you can imagine- gardners in both domains are using similar tools to keep hard-to-access plants ship-shape.  This is your source for high-end and high-priced long-armed tweezers, scissors and scrapers.


  1. Your Adana-USA.com link goes to a website called Aqua Forest Aquarium, and they are a US distributor of Aqua Design Amano, a Japanese company, which is the ADA you see on the scissors in your post. There is a link on that website for adana.co.jp. It's all a bit confusing.


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