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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Diluting Hydrogen Peroxide for Garden and Terrarium Use

As part of our ongoing discussion about the utility of treating terrarium mold or fungus with diluted hydrogen peroxide, I've found a new resource that may answer some more questions.  The aptly-named www.using-hydrogen-peroxide.com  has a wealth of information on using hydrogen peroxide to fertilize plants, sprout seeds and - you guessed it- treat mold and fungus.

I've grabbed an image of the suggested dilution ratios for treating sick or fungus-attacked plants above.  However, if you are interested in preventing mold or fungus in terrarium moss and plants, and are washing your moss prior to use, you may want to review the additional chart "To water or mist plants, to soak seeds, to add to water used to wash sprouts."  The dilution ratio is about half of that suggested for treating a mold outbreak and seems to be the right fit for a mold prevention attempt.  

The evidence I've discovered so far has motivated me to test including dilute hydrogen peroxide as a step for washing and preparing moss and plants for use in a terrarium.  I'll report back on how things go! 


  1. This is WONDERFUL! I lose a handful of house plants every winter when I bring them inside due to little fuzzies that grow on them. I'm going to do this! Thanks

  2. did it work out? I've not had much luck with it killing existing mold.


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