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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Visions on A Shoe String

After operating this blog for several years, you'd think I've seen it all when it comes to terrariums, container planting or unusual small-scale planting schemes.  It's true that I've seen many of the same ideas get recycled in and out - but occasionally something so unusual comes along that it catches my breath.

stringgardens.com is that needle-in-a-haystack find that keeps me going with this blog and with off-the-wall gardening methods in general.  The site is a combination of French and Japanese so I'm having little luck determining where this operation is located.  But visit the site and scroll through some of the gorgeous applications of this gardening method - orchids, bonsai and even jasmine and small fruiting shrubs - all suspended and thriving and magical.

UPDATE: Thanks to commenter Cristina H. for sharing a link to a very detailed DIY with photos, which describes the construction of this Japanese planting method "kokedama:"


This is a garden craft I am interested in trying!


  1. Hope they are available again soon! This is a must-have! :)

  2. They are a Japanese planting method called kokedama. Here's how to make them: http://www.good.is/posts/build-your-own-string-garden-in-7-steps

    1. Thank you Cristina, that is the best how-to I've seen for this planting method. I've added the link to the original post!


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