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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Buy Air Plants (tillandsia) Online

My post last week about the Jellyfish Air Plants attracted quite a bit of attention.  While I love the ingenuity of that Etsy seller, the item doesn't look that hard to DIY.  If you are looking for a variety of tillandsia to jumpstart your next craft the site air-plants.com have a variety and some reasonably-priced combo packs.  The site also provides excellent information on how to water your air plant or tillandsia:

"You can also mist your plants as needed, in between watering but misting should not be used as a sole source of moisture. We prefer to use a dunking method when we water, and then every other week or so we will give the plants a longer soak for an hour or 2.  Always take care to gently shake any excess water off the base of the plants, as sitting water can cause rot and damage/kill the plant.  It is recommended that you water your plants in the morning, and leave them out of their containers in an area that they can dry within 4 hours.  Never let your Air Plant sit in water for prolonged periods of time!"

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  1. you can buy plants online along with bonsai tools which are available on various ecommerce websites


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