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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Terrarium Window Display in San Francisco

Clover is one of the fast growing plants included in
the SFAC Air & Space Museum installation.

The San Francisco Arts Commission gallery space front window is currently displaying a terrarium-like art installation/performance piece - in which the plants are the performers.  Oakland-based artist Randy Colosky devised the installation, titled Air & Space Museum:

"Colosky’s newly commissioned work consists of an involved synthetic growing station that will provide a proper environment for rearing plants ranging from fast-growing groundcover like clover to large sunflowers. Part of the nature of the project is creating the infrastructure necessary to grow plants in a place they wouldn't ordinarily grow, and having the lights, ventilation, dehumidifiers, and water systems all in balance to make this happen without any effects on the structure they are being grown in."

The installation went public on August 10th at SFAC Gallery Window Installation Site, 155 Grove St. and will remain until October 7th.  The artist will take stop-motion type photos of the plants throughout the installation, to result in a (cool sounding) video.  

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