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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Terrarium Tips from Koi Ponds and Gardens

Terrarium by Paula Hayes

I stumbled across the blog Koi Ponds and Gardens today - which has the feel of a spam or aggregate site due to its wide variety of topical content and articles copied verbatim from articledashboard.com.  However, the "Terrarium" post, credited to author Robert J. Bruce, reads like some sort of sublime Dada poetry.   I suggest you skim it if this tantalizing intro piques your interest:

Your house or maybe workplace is approximately to be a site of an continual summer season, because of your classify new glass plant terrarium.  You can precisely peer it in your views already.  The blossoms will probably be aesthetic throughout the darkest of December days.  The carnivorous plant life will nibble absent as Jack Frost beats upon the doorway.  You'll ring in the New Year having label new plants sprouting up.  It's going to be pretty!

The best part is that the whole article has that lovely horse ebooks spam-poetry vibe yet actually makes some good points about terrariums: keep the interior humidity up, don't over water, and don't put your terrarium in full sun.