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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Q and A: Plants for an Ornament Terrarium?

Q:  I am making a terrarium in an ornament. It will have a hole for air. Wondering what you think would be a ideal plant in that environment?

A: Some of the factors you will be considering for your project: finding a plant that will stay small, tolerate an open air hole, and won't need much soil.  See some very cute examples at lesliehalleck.com.

If you'd like to skip soil all together I'd suggest using a tillandsia (air plant) for your terrarium.  These are about the right size for an ornament.  They are easy to care for as you just have to submerge the
plant in water once a week in order to water it - and you could easily fill the ornament up with water, let it sit 15 minutes, and then pour it out.

If you did want to add soil to the ornament - I would suggest using cactus soil (or mixing regular potting soil with sand) and planting a small succulent in your terrarium. This way you won't have to attempt to keep a humid environment inside your terrarium and you can get away with watering it in very small, infrequent amounts.

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