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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fantasy Faux Terrarium

"Ancient Goddess Ruins" by Tony Larson

If you are going to make a faux terrarium - you might as well go for the full juxtaposition of "living" with the fantastic and fully anthropomorphize your moss.  Artist Tony Larson (aka Megatone230 of Etsy) created this stunning head-in-a-jar using all non-living materials.  Pinar from My Modern Met reports:

"The Minneapolis-based sculptor handcrafts each piece, combining man and foliage in an organic aesthetic that, as the artist himself says, "makes a great conversation piece!" Ancient Goddess Ruins can be purchased on Larson's Etsy shop called The Wonder Room for $230."

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  1. Wow - very cool! I was looking for faux terrarium ideas and ended up purchasing a faux terrarium kit from Willard and May site, they allow you to create your own faux terrarium, basically pick your bowl, rocks and style of plants. I am horrible about watering my real plants so this was a nice alternative to try!



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