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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Terrarium Instructable by Four Ferns

From a terrarium Instructable by Four Ferns

Here's a short and sweet terrarium Instructable by Four Ferns.  However Four Ferns doesn't use damp sphagnum moss to separate the soil from the charcoal layer nor does s/he suggest a drainage layer of pebbles.  The drainage layer of pebbles, glass etc. is essential for a long lasting terrarium to allow water a place to "rest" after filtering through the soil.  Without a drainage layer you may force the roots of your plant to sit in rotten soggy soil. And to keep your drainage layer "pretty" use a damp sphagnum moss to act as a filter to prevent muddy soil running down into your rocks.

For more information about the soil layers I recommend for a healthy, sustainable and attractive terrarium see step 2 of my how-to guides: Adding Soil Layers.

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