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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Q&A: Where to get terrarium plants?

I was wondering if you could suggest a site for purchasing small plants for a first terrarium. What plants do you suggest a first timer start with?


Unfortunately I haven't mail ordered plants for terrariums before personally. But I hear very good things about Black Jungle terrarium supply, an online shop that specializes in plants for reptile terrariums. For a description of  Black Jungle terrarium supply and some comments from readers familiar with the shop see my earlier post here. Their plants are well suited to the moist and contained conditions of a decorative terrarium and they even sell variety packs.  

One possible local source of terrarium plants you may not have considered is pet stores that sell plants for lizard/turtle terrariums (I have seen plants occasionally at "big box" pet supply shops like Petco).

For tips on what types of plants to consider see this about.com Container Gardening article by Kerry Michaels for suggestions and photos of terrarium plants.

I would say the most fail-proof and tiny plant on that list is the Baby's Tears (
Soleirolia soleirolii).  It would be a great place to start.   Most ferns would also be well suited to terrarium life and I find the Boston Fern to be very hardy albeit tall (10" -12" tall or so).

Let me know how it works out and thanks for your question Jen!


  1. I'm a raw noob, so I ordered the terrarium collection (10 assorted terrarium specific plants for $25) from Glasshouseworks.com and was very happy with it. You can add comments about the size of your containers so they know what to send.
    I didn't have a lot of luck with the baby tears or saxifraga, but I really liked the peperomia and the syngonium. I even ended up with several extra plants that were stowaways, including some kind of tuber that is just taking off.

  2. Wow that sounds really cool and I need to check out that website. I would also love to see and share photos of your terrariums on the F&M! Feel free to email me!

  3. I found some plants that are great for my terrarium projects through


    You can check it out


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