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Monday, January 30, 2012

Moss Monday: UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley

A snapped this picture last July in one of the amazing greenhouses at the UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley.  This small botanical garden is perched on the mountains behind the main campus and they sure do have a spectacular array of plants in such a small area of land.  I expected to see it all in less than two hours when I could have easily spent half the day in the three small but wonderful greenhouses and the rest of the afternoon enjoying the terraced gardens catching the lovely bay breeze. I'm heading back with a proper camera next time!


  1. really have been loving your blog, I started making my own terrariums recently with your inspiration: http://8oaksterrariums.tumblr.com/


    1. Hi Josh! Thank you for your comment! Your terrariums are GORGEOUS! May I post about them here at the F&M?

    2. Please do! I am working on some more!

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