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Monday, July 5, 2010

Terrariums in Portland at neighborhoodnotes.com

Portland has a thriving terrarium scene and plenty of variety and innovative designers, as evidenced in this article by Erin Codazzi at neighborhoodnotes.com. "Pompeiish" by brightdesign lab is pictured above and an excerpt is selected below.

Step into Artemisia on Northeast 28th and you’ll completely forget about the hustle and bustle outside. Owners Amy and Michael Aiello have transformed their garden shop into a veritable terrarium workshop, complete with workstations and all the elements you need to collage with nature.

"We’ve found that a lot of people need to explore the process of making a terrarium first,” explains Amy. “So, we give them a tour of the different kind of terrariums they can make and then help them pick the plants, rocks and other things that speak to their heart—those little bits of magic. We tell them to think about what’s in the world that they’d want to gaze at every day.”

Many of their terrariums experiment with layering and texture. “I like to think about what’s under the ground,” Amy says. “What would you dig up in your backyard? What would you want to bury?”

Amy sources most of their plant materials locally, including succulents, air plants, lichens and mosses. Finding all the other elements is what really excites her: hematite, garnet and quartz sand; feathers, stones, etc. “I have a lot of people who know the shop now and bring me things like little bones,” she says. “All these little spontaneous bits of nature are a real sweet spot for us.”

"Terrariums in Portland: Back by Popular Demand" by Erin Codazzi at neighborhoodnotes.com

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