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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Candle holder Terrarium at Moss Terrariums on Etsy

Shine a light on your moss with a Candle Holder terrarium by Pete on Moss Terrariums on Etsy. Love that reindeer moss!

Moss Terrariums on Etsy


  1. Are they calling the light colored one on the left reindeer moss? If so I think that it is actually a lichen not a moss. Still looks cool but I just wanted to help with the identification. I think that quite a few of the terrariums on etsy are using lichen, but call them moss.

  2. Jessica - you are right! Reindeer moss is truly a lichen. Well they sure sell that stuff as "Reindeer Moss" in the craft stores. Another bryophyte misnomer....

  3. love it ^_^ that's sooo cute


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