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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Terrarium "Dos and Don'ts" from the MN Star Tribune

Here are some rather no-brainer tips pertaining to terrarium maintenance as featured on the Minnesota Star Tribune. The best part is that the advice comes from Mary Beth Gullickson of Bachman's- which sells adorable terrariums (as pictured above) as part of their landscaping/Floral Gifts & Gardening magical goodness. I love that little bonsai tree! You just have to live in the twin cities to order one. C'est la vie.

My favorite tip from the article:

Don't neglect pruning. "A terrarium will always outgrow itself eventually, if it's healthy," Gullickson said. "Don't be afraid to give plants a haircut. You're actually doing them a favor."

Minnesota Star Tribune

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