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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Terrariums in Sunset Magazine

I grew up learning about gardening from my parent's Sunset Magazine and the Sunset Western Gardener book. I also jealously guard my 70s out-of-print Sunset Terrarium book- the lovely illustrations from which I have occasionally shared on this very blog. Imagine my delight when the mag covered terrariums in the January 2010 issue! I love you Sunset! And I love you readers enough to rip the article out of my mag to scan. Excuse the ripped edges.



  1. I have the Sunset Terrarium book too!! Its great!

    Chris Digman

  2. great to meet you in 2009, really enjoyed all the inspiration you give!
    wish you happy every day in 2010 *v*

  3. spell check your post's title :)


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