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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Labyrinth Aquarium in LA Times

The LA Times featured some more outrageous pricey gift ideas in the Brand X blog today. For more extremely opulent fish tanks visit the store site opulentitems.com.

To: The person who has everything.

From: The person with really deep pockets.

If a fishbowl is akin to a shack and the traditional aquarium is a house, then the Labyrinth Aquarium is like the sprawling Spelling Mansion. If a fish doesn't like the scene in one Lucite acrylic aquarium bowl, it has several others to choose from.

$5,500 without table and $6,500 with table; www.opulentitems.com
-- Alexandra Le Tellier

Image courtesy OpulentItems.com

Brand X blog



  1. This is magical but looks a whole lot like the chemistry lab gear I used back in undergrad... I wonder if you could DIY it with chem lab gear?

  2. Looks like an accident waiting to happen, but it's so neat!!!!! Can't stop staring!


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