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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bright Ideas: Repurposing lightbulbs as terrariums and planters at www.instructables.com

We've seen the repurposed lightbulbs as terrariums but here is another set of gems at www.instructables.com. While I love the terrariums I think the little bulb bud vases are really beautiful in a minimalist fashion. The one with it's own stand is adorable.



  1. I've always wondered if this is a good idea considering the mercury in light bulbs.

  2. I was just freaking out about handling a projector light bulb at work as the replacement bulb box was plastered with mercury warnings. I never though about this in relation to the lightbulb terrariums... good point redhead.

  3. wow, thats even better than turning old school computer CRTs into aquariums!


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