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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Seattle photos coming soon!

Seattle was a lot of what I expected. Lots of moss, lots of blackberries, lots of rain and lots of green. I didn't get a chance to make as many photos as I wanted but I have some cool stuff to share. Stay tuned...


  1. hi Lauren, nice to meet you! and thank you for your comment. i love all about natural, esp moss and mushroom... thus i love your blog, thankyou for your beautiful share!
    yes, i just made my own terrariums, not very good but i will try it again. welcome to leave me comment.

  2. Always look forward to hearing (and seeing) you on your trips.

  3. ooo did you go to the arboretum? that place is beautiful

  4. I damn missed the aboretum Sam. It was on my list and I plum forgot. Darn! Next time.


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