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Monday, August 3, 2009

How to Make a Terrarium in the Jakarta Post

I came across this how-to article on terrarium-making in the Jakarta Post. I absolutely love the photos- especially the globe terrarium with pitcher plants. A bog terrarium would be great fun and maybe gnats wouldn't be as much of a problem?

The only new concept I noted in the article is the mention of zeolite- which I have never heard of but sounds like it might help regulate water levels:

Zeolite sand consists of volcanic minerals that absorb air from the surroundings. The compost, which Anie says should be made from plant not animal waste, works as a natural fertilizer.

How to Make a Terrarium at the Jakarta Post


  1. Your posts inspire me! Inspiration is the first step. Second step - I have tiny ferns, growing from seeds which fell from the hanging fern basket last year. Now, I need to look for a glass container. I think I'll be ready for this project in fall. If I make it, my first "Thank you" will be to you!

  2. i've heard of zeolite clay; i wonder if it's the same as this zeolite sand? the stuff i saw was being sold alongside other types of cosmetic clays (for face masks and such).

  3. Very nice terrarium, looks almost cosmic..

  4. I can't imagine American Pitcher Plants doing too well in a terrarium... They like full sun which was a surprise to me, but maybe with a strong light source (low heat), they'd do fine. It is a very pretty planting though, so now I'm conflicted.

  5. Yeah I have heard the same about the pitcher plants-- maybe the arrangement was purely decorative and not really a permanent living situation?

  6. Thank you so much it was a fantastic help, now to make a terrarium in the jakarta post is without a doubt easy utilizing your guidance. Kudos


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