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Thursday, June 11, 2009

At Home with Paula Hayes in NY Times

The NY Times has a great article about terrarium grand master Paula Hayes and her adorable tiny garden.

Love that birdbath and definitely love that cat.

Gorgeous of course.

“It’s like a continuous art project, her biospheres,” said Aby Rosen, the developer, who has eight. “They are a hybrid between a living organism and a piece of art.” Also, as he pointed out, “You just want to crawl inside them.”

At Home with Paula Hayes at http://www.nytimes.com


  1. Thanks for sharing this article, Lauren. I surely would have missed it otherwise. Great to get some insight into the world of Paula Hayes. I do love her terrariums.

    Your site is fantastic. As my terrarium grows (fingers crossed!), I'll definitely be stopping by often to get more ideas and tips.

  2. I saw this article and like you thought it was great.

  3. gorgeous gorgeous! ps. have added you as a fave on my blog.. keep meaning to do it and forgetting!


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