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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Miniature Orchid Terrarium at SB Orchid Show

This giant terrarium housed miniature orchids at the SB Orchid Show. I am not sure if the orchids were grown in the case or if they were just arranged for display. The case itself was phenomenal- I particularly liked the lighting features running down the side of the case- they really helped illuminate all levels of the display.

The display was full of wonderful epiphyte miniature orchids- I was inspired to pick one up in the shop. The growers mount the epiphytes to a wooden board with wire and some spaghnum moss and the plants just thrive.

I think these were the most stunning of the bunch- such a pretty cornflower blue.



  1. What a beauty! Thanks for such beautiful pictures!

  2. Beautiful Blue Vandas, never seen it that color before. That terrarium is awesome!

  3. Holy crapola! That's an amazing terrarium! A whole mountain of orchids. Absolutely amazing.

  4. I want one. That lighting is particularly clever.

  5. Hi,
    the blue one is Vanda coerulea. It's rather coomon but a flowering plant is pretty expensive in comparision to the common Phals.

    I guess Phalaneopsis will thrive in this terrarium but Vandas won't. They require much more light than these few FL tubes could provide.


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