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Thursday, March 19, 2009

How to Make a Terrarium at Craftzine.com

As I am lagging on getting my "how-to" up on the web- here is a great one I found by Jenny Ryan at the Craftzine.com blog.  She covers most of the steps I would recommend and it's a great "how-to" for making a terrarium in a wide-mouth, uncomplicated container.  


  1. Great information, looks like a fun project with
    those little miniatures inside.

  2. Love it, like a garden for a doll's house.

  3. I was waiting for your "how to" post on terrariums, because the other day I found a pretty bottle and I decided I'll try the miniature terrarium. I'm in no rush so I think I'll wait for your post :)

  4. Thank you again!! We are studying plants/seeds in science and my first graders are going to make terrariums. I am linking to this page to give parents an idea of the supplies they will need.


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