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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

3 Week Old Terrariums

Planted terrariums or bottle gardens at the three-week old stage.  At this point I am monitoring any plant growth and keeping a watch out for pests or disease development.

Another key issue at this juncture is moisture levels.  Condensation should be forming on one side of the bottle.  If condensation is forming evenly on all sides it is probably too wet.

This is a great photo of the selaginella spreading it's suckers and getting ready to grow.  


  1. How did you get that inside such a narrow opening?

  2. Same question as Cathy. I wonder ...

  3. What is the crystal or white thingy ?

  4. I put cut glass and rocks and stuff in them for added interest. I got some quartz crystals that I have been putting in some of the terrariums.

  5. This is the second blogspot blog today that didn't let me comment on the first post. Odd. Anyway, I love mosses, always have, but have never tried what you're doing. Impressive.

    I left you a comment over at Blotanical, by the way.


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