Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ron Gladkowski's Terrarium Museum

Kaleidoscope Terrarium by Ron Gladkowski

Recently my sister Alyssa directed me to the Terrarium Museum, exhibiting leaded glass terraria handcrafted by New Yorker Ron Gladkowski.   Check out the Museum to see a variety of Wardian case-type classic terrarium rigs.  Ron also has some more snazzy "modern" designs akin to the above Kaleidoscope terrarium.  Ron describes his creations as thus:

For over 30 years, my approach to creativity is to let my imagination run free, and follow it. I see shapes in my head, and I make them in glass. The softness of the plants and flowers contrast with the angles and lines in the design, and bring balance and harmony between man's and nature's creations. Terrariums give shelter to the plants, and the plants give life to the terrariums. You can find my work at Art and Craft Fairs, throughout the Eastern United States, and a complete portfolio of past and present work atThe Terrarium Museum 
I have offered my work here on the Web since 1996, and have received a very encouraging response. I have shipped both custom designed, and production terrariums to Satisfied Customers in about every corner of this country. Customers from Florida, to Washington State, and Maine to California, as well as over 40 more states in between, have safely received their terrariums. The Internet is a wonderful showcase for my ever changing portfolio. 

Tall Wardian Case in the Victorian style,
by Ron Gladkowski


  1. Trying
    (For quite a while) to get in touch with Ron Gladkowski and hoping perhaps someone here could help?Thanks!!

    1. Ron passed away many years ago.


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