Sunday, March 25, 2012

Q&A: Moss in Austin? Hamilton Pool!

Hamilton Pool, Austin TX

Thanks to reader Maddie for a question that perfectly coincided with a moss field trip I took recently!

Q: Do you know of any good places to find moss in Austin? I've been wanting to make a terrarium, but the moss I've harvested from the greenbelt doesn't seem to be doing too well.

A: After the recent rains in Austin I've seen more flowers and grasses around town and more moss on the trails!  Last week I visited Hamilton Pool (directions here) and there was plenty of moss growing on the way to the pool.  I imagine there might be more healthy moss in the greenbelt now too. 

Remember to be conscientious when collecting moss from hiking trails - try to look for small pieces on disrupted soil and leaves rather than collecting large chunks from the middle of a spread of moss.  Smaller pieces integrate into terrariums better anyways!  And wash your moss!

Hamilton Pool Overhang

Moss inside the cave

Ferns by water's edge

Moss and ferns on the trail

And a moss green lizard!

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