Friday, May 22, 2009

Huntington Library

Shakespeare Garden Huntington Library

I am very excited to say I will be visiting the Huntington Library and Gardens in Los Angeles this weekend. My family and I will be converging in LA for one last hurrah before my baby sis graduates from UCLA and we all agreed that touring the Huntington was our big must-see. We Linns love our garden tours!

The Huntington Gardens recently opened a new Chinese Garden called The Garden of Flowing Fragrance to the public- which they kept under wraps for two years to let the plants grow into full effect. I was very impressed by that and the fact that the garden is supposed to be authentic down to the last detail. The Library also boasts an impressive collection of Chinese watercolors to supplement the garden- an area of art I focused on during my undergrad Art History program.

However after perusing the website for a bit I must say I am very excited to see the Shakespeare Garden (see above photo). The site says that the flowers planted are supposed to reflect the climate Shakespeare lived in as well as contain flowers referenced in his plays. Too fun! And looks like there might be lots of butterflies and birds around all those flowers. I'm sure this is the best time of year to see that garden.

I promise lots of photos!

The Huntington Library, Art Collection and Botanical Gardens

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  1. Really look forward to the photos - have a great time.


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